Friday, March 30, 2012

Winter Favorites

Here are some winter favorites. Winter in the midwest was absolutely freezing and it was difficult not to succumb to wearing fleece leggings every day. But I'm proud of figuring out that wool skirts and tights feel a lot warmer than jeans (at least for me) and introducing some color into my winter wardrobe. Again, I haven't linked back to the original posts, but feel free to leave questions in the comments. This is the last of my favorite outfit farewell tour and my last post here--thanks for sticking around for the wrap up and thank you especially for the many overwhelmingly kind comments on the goodbye post. I can't tell you how much they meant. A big and final XO.

Fall Favorites


Fall is most people's favorite season, and I am no exception. I love sweaters, scarves, layers, and the feeling of going back to school. I didn't link back to the original posts, but feel free to leave questions if you have them and I'll answer them in the comments!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Summer Favorites

Here are some summer favorites. Summer is a season I didn't actually grow up with in the Bay Area, so I think I'm most proud of this season's outfits, because I finally figured out how to dress for the heat. Unsurprisingly, I also really love how summer encourages dressing really simply. I didn't link back to the original posts, but feel free to leave questions if you have them and I'll answer them in the comments!

Spring Favorites

Here are some spring favorites. I love seeing the trees come back to life and I've loved spring in DC, which has been far longer than the 9 seconds of spring we used to get in the midwest. I didn't link back to the original posts, but feel free to leave questions if you have them and I'll answer them in the comments!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's time for me to hang up my hat.

Dear friends, family, readers, lurkers, and others,

It's been a fantastic two and a half years writing this blog. When I started, I always thought this would be a six-months-to-a-year project. I never anticipated that I'd love it so much, that it would grow to the size it did, or that I'd ever mix patterns :) Most of all, I could not have imagined what an incredible community of other bloggers, grad students, cancer survivors, bibliophiles, and friends this blog would expose me to.

After much thought and some heartache, I've decided it's time for me to hang up my hat here at What Would a Nerd Wear and give myself the time and space to pursue other projects. This blog began when I was immersed in a grad school community and I needed a little creative balance. It was a moment of transition between college and graduate school when I was exploring how to dress more professionally as a graduate student and graduate instructor. This space has been pivotal in helping me explore and practice how to address the sartorial challenges of being a woman, a learner, and a teacher in graduate school. It has been a lot of fun to do things I never anticipated I would: run a website, learn html, wear heels and lipstick for the first time in my adult life, and finally pack a suitcase I can lift. However, I no longer need this blog in the way I once did--I have many creative outlets in DC, I feel more confident in front of my closet, and I am finding myself increasingly craving extra time for my intellectual passions.

I am so grateful for the inspiration so many of you provided and for the kind and encouraging feedback many of you have given along the way. I have kept blogging far longer than I originally planned because of the warmth and kindness of this community, which has been the most rewarding and wonderful part of the past few years. If you'd like, I hope you'll stay in touch via email, twitter, or instagram (whatwouldanerdwear)--a girl can't cut herself off from the internet completely, after all. During this last week, I'll post past seasonal favorites to wrap up and secretly to give my future self a set of Clif's notes for whenever I'm stuck in front of my closet in the morning.

Thank you again for being a wonderful and supportive community! It's been such a fun ride and although I am looking forward to having more time for my dissertation, my friends, and my Christopher, I suspect I will miss this hugely.

Love and many thanks,

Monday, March 26, 2012

Girl (last) Friday

girl friday

girl friday

girl friday
works cited: j. crew factory tee; thrifted skirt; UO flats and belt; RIP sunglasses which I stepped on later during the weekend

In the name of honesty, this outfit is actually from last Friday, a day where bright colors and mixed patterns seemed to celebrate the warmth and weekend ahead. Christopher, his brother, and I spent the afternoon on the roof of a building in our neighborhood, soaking up the sunshine and a few Fat Tires. Fittingly, for a Monday spent camped out at a coffee shop soaking up americanos, I am wearing all grey today :)

P.S. Skirt previously:

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Once More

yellow take two

yellow take two
works cited: emersonmade skirt; gap shirt; breda watch; target flats; bag for free back at school

I poached this outfit from my pinterest board--nothing prettier than denim and a yellow skirt. Today I'm finishing up revisions on a chapter and I'm going to try to visit the cherry blossoms once more before they leave us for the season--they're so pretty, I can't help but to try to ride my bike out there every day until they're gone.